Renal tip of the day: Potassium in vegetables.

Potassium restriction in diet helps maintain blood potassium levels in ckd patients.

High potassium vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam (suran), colocassia (arvi), lotus stem and green leafy vegetables are to be avoided.

Vegetables allowed are cauliflower, cabbage, bottle gourds, pumpkins, beans, tendli, tinda, cucumber, capsicum, tomatoes, lady finger, padwal, parwar, carrots, radish.


Method of cooking for removal of potassium : Wash, peel/scrape vegetables and fine chop.

Soak in room temperature water for at least half an hour.

Again pressure wash for 2-3 times, discard the water and cook.

More number of times you do this, more is the potassium removed.